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Security Settings

To watch a video showing the different options for the security settings, click here.

The security module, assuming that you have rights to it, can be found under the File menu as shown below.

The security settings are automatically set up the first time a user starts working with Importacular* but you are able to go in and update them. 

A user that has Raiser’s Edge Supervisor rights will always have access to all areas of the application.

The rights that a user can have are split into 7 different areas.

Note: a user should be given all the rights that they need. Be careful not to offer conflicting rights. For example, if a user has the rights to delete a template, but do not have the rights to use the application then they will never even get to the template mapping area to delete it. Likewise, if a user can add or edit a template then they should not be given the “Only View Templates” rights.

The different rights that can be assigned to one or more of the security groups you have set up in your Raiser’s Edge as shown below in the dropdown:

Select a right and then select which security groups apply to it.

Below we can see an example:

In this example the right to add and edit templates is given to the Data Entry security group as well as the Admin security group. However the Volunteers and limited security groups are not able to add or edit templates.

Points to Note

  • All users that should use Importacular should be given the right General use of the application (without this nothing is possible!). If a security group has been given a right but not this general usage right you will be prompted to add that group.
  • In general the security groups do not overlap. The exceptions are the rights Only view templates (in read only mode) and Add and Edit templates (including deleting mappings). The rights to an area are positive. If the security group has the rights to add and edit templates then they will be able to do so irrespective of whether they have the view only right too.

 *The first time a user starts the application with the new security settings (either after they have upgraded from a previous version or have simply started using Importacular for the first time) they are automatically given all rights to security. This means that if you have previously used Importacular then you will not be stopped from using it just because a user from another security group has not given you the rights. You should check to see that this is appropriate.