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Proposal Attribute Mapping

Attributes must have both a category and a value (description) in order for the record to be created. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1YpIByhgXhNaQygRybZLJ2W-V7c8C7uVlQ7f8Liyv_i55i7O5g0tkTGGYfbFTyuXH9Wq9_ggLeIoBKhAXd0o9Hi6ZuSPclRdm2h9n25laH9b8eLUiARnOGfvW9JNeAts9uakUhNJ

The format of the description is determined by the setup in the Configuration of your Raiser’s Edge database. For more information about the distinctions between these different data types, please review the information listed under Constituent Attributes.