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Additional Addressee/Salutation Mapping

Additional Addressee/Salutation data can be added under the Constituent area. The Add/Sal Type field is required for this mapping to be completed as is one of the remaining two fields (Add/Sal Editable Text OR Add/Sal Template or ID). Importacular will not allow you to save the mapping unless one of these two fields are mapped.

The ‘required’ symbol will move to whichever of the two fields you choose to populate and will change from yellow/amber to green. See an example of each below. 

Should you opt to work with a Template or ID, you will likely want to select the appropriate formula from the Default Value options. These may not be sorted in the same order that you see them in the Raiser’s Edge, but they are pulled directly from your Raiser’s Edge Configuration.

If you opt to work with Editable text, you should only use a Default value if you are assigning the same text to all constituents. Otherwise, you should select the appropriate Source Field.

Please note – there are no Area Settings available for these mappings.