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Import to Constituent

Please watch this video for a live demonstration of how to import Constituent data using Importacular. 

 To create a new constituent mapping, select ‘add new mapping’ and choose between: Individual, Organisation or Combination. 

Once you have selected Individual, Organisation or Combination, you will be able to map your fields on a mapping grid like the one below. Before you can save your mappings, you will need to assign a name in the upper left hand corner. This name will not affect what is imported into the Raiser’s Edge, but it does help you identify your mappings on your Control Report.

 You are able to import a mixture of individual and organization constituents in the same way as you would in a regular Raiser’s Edge import. In this case, you need a field that determines the key indicator (a value of “I” or “O”) in the data source. If you’d like to see a demonstration of this, you can watch a tutorial of this process here.

Note: When importing Organisation records, please note that the field for Organisation Name can only contain 60 characters. Anything longer will be cut off.