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Import to Individual Relationships

You can see a tutorial video for the Individual Relationships mapping here.

As with the other areas, you will need to set up mappings for each different area you wish to import into and link it to a constituent mapping. For relationships you are able to specify which type of relationship should be created; either a constituent or non-constituent. On adding a new individual mapping you will be prompted for the type

When you select a constituent relationship, as well as Importacular adding an individual relationship area mapping to the Individuals tab in Importacular, it also adds a “virtual” mapping to the main constituent tab in Importacular.  This is shown below.

With the virtual mapping (shown above with the name “Constituent_Spouse”) you are able to add other constituent mappings to it.

This can be used when you would like to add a gift to the spouse record as well as (or instead of) the main constituent record or, for that matter, would like to link any constituent data to the new constituent relationship record. If you have required fields for a new constituent (such as a constituent code or a constituent Attribute), you will need to create those mappings on the constituent tab and link them to the constituent being added from the Individual Relationship. See this page of our User Guide for more information on adding fields for constituents that you are creating via the Individual Relationships tab. You may also find this Knowledgebase article helpful.

Criteria sets

As with constituents, individual relationship records can also be looked up using criteria sets. These will vary depending on whether or not you have selected a constituent or non-constituent relationship record.
See the Avoiding Duplicates section of the user guide.