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Select the fields to match on. Note that the more fields that are matched on, the less likely it is to find a match. However in such a case if a match is found, it is more likely to be a positive match. 

Where appropriate it is possible to select the number of characters to match on.

For surname/last name, organisation and maiden name it is possible to match on a soundex value. Soundex functions calculate a number for each combination of letters so that the name “Zeidman” would have the same value as “Zidman”. 

For first name it is also possible to search the first name equivalents. For example a first name equivalent may have been set up for a constituent “Robert” so that if the names “Rob”, “Bob” or “Bobby” for example, are in the file the constituent “Robert” will be found.

 You are able to add and edit first name equivalents from the home screen, click on the Zeidman Development logo to bring up the about box. Under the advanced menu select “First Name Equivalent Values” and then “Setup”. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to add new equivalent values and edit existing ones

The ‘Surname/Org Name Aliases tick box will check any aliases that may have been entered for an individual or organisation.

The ‘Spouse’ tick boxes allow you to use spousal information as an identifier in the search. If you check this box then you are also offered the option to ignore spousal matches if the main record you are searching for is found. E.g. A household may consist of Jenny and Jim Smith (main constituent and spouse respectively). If you are searching on initial and address then both matches will be found. However if the Ignore spouse tick box is ticked Jim’s match will be ignored.

The Date of Birth tick box will match fuzzy dates both in the file and on the record. For example there will be a match if on the file the date is “03/01/1967” and on the record there is a date “1967”. There will also be a match if the reverse is true and in the file the date is “1967” but on the record the date is “03/01/1967”. Note the date format used is the same as the Windows settings. The fuzzy date rules are the same as in The Raiser’s Edge.

If you have unlocked the education data destination in Importacular and the alumni module in RE then you are also able to lookup by Class Of to search for constituent in a specific year group.