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Match Quality

The match quality on the right-hand side of the grid shows how the match was made according to the criteria sets that you created in the mapping phase. If you did not create any criteria sets but relied upon the default lookup criteria, then these values will show accordingly.

The match quality will be a “Poor Match” if the record matches a poor criteria set or if there are multiple matches made to one of the other quality matches.

Whenever a poor match has been made (or if more than one Raiser’s Edge record matches the criteria set), the action to take is set to “Decide”.

Matched Constituents

The matched Raiser’s Edge Contacts area shows the constituents that have been found in the system. In the case of Nicole there are two matches and you can decide which of them to use. If we need some more guidance, we can open the record directly by pressing the Raiser’s Edge button in the grid.

If you are not happy with any of the matches, you can use the find constituent button to attempt to look them up in Raiser’s Edge or within the grid.