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  • If you have mapped the ‘Address Line 1’ field, then the ‘Use address equivalents*’ tick box is enabled. This allows you to match on address abbreviations that may exist within your database. For more information on viewing and customising the address equivalents, see this knowledgebase article. You could also opt to use just a set number of characters for your address match (this can be helpful when address lines are frequently separated into two lines in some systems, but not others).
  • The screenshot is from the UK and international edition. In the US and Canada editions, county is replaced with state and with province respectively.
  • It is possible to expand or limit your search to either half or the whole of your postcode, by checking the ‘All or ‘First half only’ option buttons.  You can also compare the postcode by removing any spaces (UK, Australian and Canadian versions only).
  • The ‘Email’ tick box will check all telephone types in Raiser’s Edge that have been designated emails. This is found in Config when you edit the phone type code table entry. 

The ‘Telephone’ tick box will compare any telephone type that has been designated a telephone, a fax or other. The phone number in the file will be stripped of any character other than a number. The comparison, however, will be against all fields stripped of the following characters: ( ) . – and any spaces.

 The reason that there is a difference between what punctuation is removed is due to the techniques used. The field in the file can be stripped of all but numbers much more efficiently than can every field in the database. 

* You are able to add and edit address line equivalents from the home screen, click on the Zeidman Development logo to bring up the about box. Under the advanced menu select “Address Equivalent Values” and then “Setup”. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to add new equivalent values and edit existing ones