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Import to Organisational Relationships

You can see a demonstration of the Organisation Relationship destination here.

For relationships you are able to specify which type of relationship should be created; either a constituent or non-constituent. On adding a new organisational mapping, you will be prompted for the type:

When you select a constituent relationship, as well as Importacular adding an organisational relationship area mapping to the Organisations tab, it also adds a “virtual” mapping to the main constituent tab.  This is shown below.

With the virtual mapping (shown above with the name “Constituent_Org Mapping”) you are able to add other constituent mappings to it.

To link a mapping (such as a gift) to the Organisational record, you can select the constituent being created as part of the Organisational relationship in the upper right hand corner (shown below is how to add a phone to a relationship record – simply select the relationship mapping to import with instead of the primary constituent).

For information regarding use of Primary Business Addresses, see this Knowledgebase article.

Criteria Sets

As with constituents, organisationsal relationship records can also be looked up using criteria sets (specifically the Organisational Relationship Criteria Sets). These will vary depending on whether or not you have selected a constituent or non-constituent relationship record. If you are importing Constituent relationships, you should also review the Organisation Constituent Set to help with your matches to existing Organisation constituent records in the Raiser’s Edge. See the Avoiding Duplicates section of the user guide.