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Import to Gift

Gift templates allow you to set up your gift entry similar to other mapping areas within Importacular. Below you can see an example of a Gift template.

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Within the Gifts area, the key fields (those which need to be mapped in order for the data to be processed although not required fields) are fund, date, amount. If these are left blank for any reason, the gift will not process. If you would like gifts that do not process to be listed in the Control Report, you need to adjust your Gift Area Settings accordingly.

One of the differences between the Gift area and other areas is that it is also possible to filter the fields that are shown for mapping. Importacular defaults to “Show Common Fields,” but if you are working with Stock or Pledge gifts, you may need other field options. When selecting each field option, you will be required to fill in all possible required fields. For that reason, you should not select Stock or Scheduling fields unless necessary.

When choosing the common fields with scheduling fields, the schedule wizard can be started. See Importing Gifts with a Schedule for more information.

If you want to import a gift with bank details e.g. for EFT or direct debit transactions then you will need the bank and financial relationships data destination. See Import to Banks and Financial Relationships for more details.