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Import to Participant

Import to Participant enables data to populate participation records within the Event module of the Raiser’s Edge (this data is reflected both on the Event record as well as the Constituent record and can also link Participation data to new gifts). To watch a video demo of this destination, click here.

Within the Participants tab, you can create registrants and guests to indicate event attendance, preferences, etc.

While non-constituent participants can be imported via the native Raiser’s Edge import functionality, to be imported through Importacular, all participation data must begin with a participation mapping of registrant that must be linked to a constituent mapping due to the functionality of Importacular as a constituent based import tool.

Guest mappings do not have to be linked to a constituent record, but do require a link to a registrant mapping.  You can read more about the differences between registrants and guests under Participant Mapping.

For more information about working with multiple Events within the same import, please view our Knowledgebase article here.