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Mapping Templates – Getting Started

Please watch this video for a live demonstration of how to create a mapping template from scratch. 

All mapping templates must start with a Constituent mapping.

 To create a new one select ‘add new mapping’ and choose between, individual, organisation or combined.  For more information regarding a combined file, see this Knowledgebase article.

You will be able to map your fields on a mapping grid like the one below.

You can see the Raiser’s Edge fields on the left, and the two right hand columns allow you to select either

  • A ‘source field’ from the dropdown, this will show you all the fields available in your source data
  • A default value, this will populate this field for all records in the same way

A few things to note:

  • Any field names that are identical will match automatically but you can edit these in the table if you wish.
  • Fields indicated as Required in the far left column (with the green circle containing a white check) must be mapped, meaning that you must choose either a Source Field or a Default Value. Some required fields are universal to all RE users and others have been set as required by your organisation.
  • You cannot select both a Source Field and a Default Value for the same field in the same mapping.