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Export and Anonymise Data

As testing support issues requires a data sample, the ‘Export and Anonymise’ tool exists to allow users an simplified way to provide anonymised data to the Zeidman support team based off of their source data (whether that is a file or an API related data source) that is completely anonymised. A video demostration can be found here.

On the template selection screen, use the File dropdown menu to select ‘Export and Anonymise Data’.

You will then see a grid containing all of the fields in your data source. The fields will all default to ‘Do not change’, but you can select a replacement option for contact information that you would like to anonymise. In the example below, we have anonymised first name and last name/surname.

Note: When you choose the ‘Number’ Data Format option, the ‘count’ column on the right-hand side will open up a white cell which will require you to type in the number of digits you wish to replace. For example, if you type in 3, the data exported in that column will be three digits long. If you type in 99, the data in the exported column will be 99 digits long.

You will not be able to Export the data until the ‘count’ column is populated.