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Organisation Transformations

Beginning in version 5.11, organisations with any paid Importacular subscription have the option to work with Organisation Transformations. Organisation Transformation grids are built and updated by each organisation’s users that can be accessed by all of your organisation’s users and added to templates. Using these grids ensures consistency across your organisation and saves valuable time as they can be built and maintained in one location.

To build or manage your Organisation Transformations, you must first open the ‘Manage Organisation Transformations’ option from the Transformations dropdown on the Importacular landing screen.

You will then see options to add, edit and delete your Organisation Transformations (see a sample screen below).

To add a new Organisation Transformation grid, click on the green circle with the plus sign (or cross) in it in the bottom left hand corner of the screen above. See this knowledgebase article for detailed instructions. To learn how to export a grid of Data Transformations from within one of your templates and add it to your managed Organisation Transformations, see this knowledgebase article. To learn how to use an Excel file to create Data Transformations in a managed Organisation Transformations, see this knowledgebase article.

To edit an existing Organisation Transformation grid, select the pencil icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen above.

To delete an Organisation Transformation grid, use the red X in the bottom left hand corner of the screen above.

Under File, you will find options to Import, Export and Delete the .json files for your saved Organisation Transformations. As these are a different file type than the Data Transformation grids created within templates, Oraganisation Transformations must be imported/exported separately and saved separately from those imported/exported directly from within the template.

When you set up an Organisation Transformation grid, the field type must be selected. To see a full list of the Field Types and their definitions, see this knowledgebase article.

Once you have created your Organisation Transformation grid(s), they can be used within your templates to save time and keep your data consistent. To watch a demo of loading an Organisation Transformation grid into your template, see this video.

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